"A lot of rugby is in the mind. How much time do you spend in the gym and practicing skills out on the pitch but how much time do we spend working on our mind?"

Matt Scott, Leicester Tigers & Scotland


Apex Rugby Academy is the first organisation to offer grassroots players & teams in Scotland the opportunity to have a dedicated Sports Psychologist. 


Regardless if a player is in a World Cup Final or is playing at the bottom tier of grassroots rugby, every player experiences challenging situations internally. The ability to control your emotions and deal with challenging situations is essential in order to improve performance. 

At our camps, players will have the opportunity to take part in our Sports Psychology 'Educational Workshop'. Players will learn how to deal with pressure, stress, anxiety, disappointment and help manage their emotions through mental skills training. The sessions will be a mixture between classroom based and most importantly practical based. 

Our Sports Psychologist Jeffrey Webster will walk around groups and games offering advice to players and teams on how to handle certain situations.

Jeffrey is also available to work with players on a 1-2-1 basis, run team workshops, offer mental skills training (on and off the field), performance analysis and observation and motivational talks.

Jeffrey Webster's profile can be found here

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