"A clear and logical pathway of how to bring young people into the world of rugby. Applying skill and safety development through various engaging and exciting activities. Truly a top quality source for rugby development. Highly recommended."

Mr. Laing, PE Teacher, Perth High School


We want to 'Get It Right For Every Child' to ensure PE is a positive experience. We share the aim of the Scottish Curriculum to enable each learner to achieve the Four Capacities of 'Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors & Responsible Citizens.'


At Apex Rugby Academy, we recognise that rugby is often overlooked as part of the PE curriculum. For many years there has been a continuous campaign to ban tackling in schools.

As a result, during the COVID-19 pandemic we took the opportunity to speak to 50+ Scottish PE Teachers and asked their opinion on how confident they felt teaching 'Quality Rugby PE Lessons'.


Our research found that 83% of teachers felt confident in explaining the benefits of rugby to their pupils, however on a practical level only 45% felt confident in being able to deliver 'Quality Rugby PE Lessons' due to having a lack of knowledge of the laws of rugby and how to teach 'the tackle' safely & effectively.


We appreciate not every PE Teacher will include tackling in their lessons but with research suggesting that PE Teachers don't feel confident enough to practically teach 'Quality Rugby PE Lessons' we believe it is our responsibility to provide FREE learning resources where rugby can be taught safely.

"My two PE teachers inspired me to pick up a rugby ball...and I went on to do some amazing things"

Jason Robinson, England Rugby World Cup Winner 2003