At Apex Rugby Academy, we believe performance analysis in the modern game is crucial to the development of the 'Player' & 'Team'.  

Our coaches & analysts have previously worked with the Scottish Rugby Union, Edinburgh Rugby & Glasgow Warriors.

We use industry leading technology, software & equipment to ensure we provide a professional and informative service.


Apex Rugby Academy is the first organisation to offer grassroots teams the opportunity to have a dedicated performance analyst.

The majority of our rugby players are part of a generation that have been brought up on spending most of their time in front of a screen whether that's gaming or through online learning. Players nowadays are more engaged and able to learn more effectively visually. It is no surprise then that Performance Analysis has been proven to be the most effective way for athletes and coaches to achieve their full potential

We recognise that some rugby clubs have traditionally got a volunteer to film matches.  However, the common frustration from coaches has been in relation to poor filming quality resulting in an inaccurate analysis of performance. Coaches have also expressed to us their frustration that their training sessions are not filmed for review.

How many times have you watched back a rugby match where the cameraman fails to keep up with play or is only able to focus on one area of the game?  We believe that "The Camera is the Coaches Eyes". This belief motivates us to provide high quality filming from multiple angels (Breakdown / Back Line / Aerial)


This allows our experienced and professional analysts to provide teams with accurate match & player stats. We use industry leading software and technology used in the professional game to ensure stats are accurate and informative. This crucial information can be the difference between winning and losing.


We consult with coaching teams about what certain areas of their game they would like stats on. For example tackle accuracy, territory success rate, set piece, penalties, individual players stats - There is no hiding! We work alongside the coaching team and analyse the stats and highlight trends to help create an accurate assessment of performance. 

We are dedicated to maintain and respect team confidentially. Our analysts will only be assigned to your club throughout the season.