Apex Rugby Academy offers players, coaches and clubs the opportunity to take their performance to the next level.

We deliver fun and engaging rugby camps during the school holidays, performance analysis programmes for teams as well as private coaching sessions for players and small groups. We also want to equip PE Teachers with learning resources so that rugby can be taught safely and effectively.


Our staff is made up of Qualified Rugby Coaches, PE Teachers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Performance Analysts who have previously worked for the Scottish Rugby National Team, Edinburgh Rugby & Glasgow Warriors. We are also fortunate some of our team have played at Age Grade level for Scotland and in the BT Premiership & Super 6. Our staff give players and teams  the tools, education, and support they need to transform their game and achieve their goals.


We recognise that in a typical training session or after a match there is little time to analyse games accurately, develop individual skills and educate oneself on how to form good habits off the pitch. The ability to learn, implement, analyse and improve on one's actions is not only a skill for the rugby field but for wider life. Better people, Better players.

Please note we are independently run and not affiliated with the Scottish Rugby Union.



Enjoyment is the reason we play rugby.

We encourage players and teams to enjoy the learning process of improving performance.

An individual who enjoys the environment they find themselves in is more likely to be successful on and off the pitch.


Mutual respect is a skill for on and off the pitch. 

We respect each other's views, level of ability and experiences.

We believe in showing respect to those who run clubs and treating pitches and clubhouses with consideration.


Having a positive mindset to all circumstances on and off the pitch is important.

We believe adopting this approach will accelerate the development of the 'individual' and 'player'.

Better People, Better Players.

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