Our independent research found that out of 37 players a staggering 94% believed that their performance would be enhanced if they had more time to develop their skill set. This time however is hard to find due to COVID-19 restrictions. Even during a 'normal' season Tuesday & Thursday evening, sessions are often team focused which makes it difficult for the typical player to develop their positional skill set in greater detail.


We offer 1-2-1 & small group sessions which are tailored and designed to help players who are serious about developing their skill set & fitness levels relevant to their playing position.

Each session is tailored and delivered to challenge players' skill and fitness level as well as their psychological understanding of their game. For 1-2-1 sessions focusing on conditioning and fitness levels, the players will be able to analyse their fitness levels accurately with with our GPS Performance Tracker and analysis software.

The session's footage & information is then presented back to each player online for further review and feedback.