"A clear and logical pathway of how to bring young people into the world of rugby. Applying skill and safety development through various engaging and exciting activities. Truly a top quality source for rugby development. Highly recommended."

Mr. Laing, PE Teacher, Perth High School

"The Apex Rugby Academy lessons are brilliant for use in schools complete with Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. There are a variety of starter lessons dependent on ability and option of contact. There is also progressions of lessons, allowing you to teach a full rugby block. The lessons have good rugby practices that allow young people to develop their skills but are also adaptable to suit your class. I would strongly recommend giving them a look."

Mr. Manuel, PE Teacher, Lornshill Academy

"Very clear and precise lesson structure that blends together fun activities with the core skills needed to develop in rugby. Each lesson has a good flow and transitions from key practices to direct games. These lessons include high activity levels for pupils but also gives plenty of opportunities for teaching points to be woven in. These lessons also provide clear opportunities to have practices differentiated to suit the needs of all learners. I would definitely recommend using Apex Rugby Academy to deliver a fantastic rugby block."

Mr. Sikes, PE Teacher, St. Andrews RC High School

"This is really beneficial for someone like me, I am not a rugby expert but I now have a good understanding on how the game works."

Mr. Brooke, PE Teacher Clackmannan Primary